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Are you looking for a professional repair person within Thousand Oaks region? ComeGo Handyman provides advanced skills helping Thousand Oaks residents and businesses to accomplish various undertakings. For several decades, ComeGo Handyman specializes in providing various services ensuring that our customers are satisfied.  It is our commitment to ensure your home stays in top shape for your comfort and that of your family. Therefore, it is important that you work with a professional handyman in order to achieve the objective.  You do not want to stop other attending to other important appointments that bring food on the table. Leave that faulty door or faulty appliance to professional handyman.ComeGo Handyman ensures a fast and efficient service delivery to our customers. We remain focused on providing our customers lasting solutions. All this is done at a pocket friendly fee, and the high-quality standards are met.

When you hire ComeGo Handyman for various home improvement works, you are assured service beyond the obvious. Our technicians are trusted and experienced. We are a licensed handyman company operating in Thousand Oaks, and our technical staff covered under the workers compensation insurance. If you are looking for the best local handyman in Thousand Oaks, look no further than ComeGo Handyman. We provide the best services to our customers, and at an affordable rate.   Here are some of the services that we offer

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Our Services

Furniture Repair and Assembly Services

ComeGo Handyman is the trusted furniture fixer in Thousand Oaks. With a majority of people investing in foldable furniture, we found it necessary to provide the much needed furniture installation service. Instead of hiring the expensive factory technicians for furniture assembly, local repair person in Thousand Oaks will do that at a reasonable fee. Therefore, when moving house or you have purchased the furniture that requires assembly, contact ComeGo Handyman for professional furniture assembly. We come with a great experience for the furniture assembly task while our trained carpenters understand how to properly install different furniture.

furniture repair

Door Installation and Repair

The door is a very important investment in any home. Apart from providing security to your family, the door also adds an aesthetic value to the entire home. To make sure the door is functional, contact ComeGo Handyman today and enjoy the best services. Our professionals are experienced and ensure high level integrity when installing the doors. For professional door repair, we are always ready to serve our customers. Therefore, if you are looking for the local door repair handyman Thousand Oaks, look no further than ComeGo Handyman. We will service and repair the door ensuring it provides optimal functionality. Talk to us today for a perfect door installation and repair service.

Painting Service at ComeGo Handyman

ComeGo Handyman provides interior and exterior painting services. We have seasoned painters in Thousand Oaks. Our painters are naturally talented persons with years of experience offering residential and commercial painting services. Therefore, when you require us to paint your home or commercial property, come to us for a free estimate. We help our customers choose durable paints and perfect color choice to match their personal preference.

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TV mounting

TV Mounting Services

Upon moving into a new apartment in Thousand Oaks area, the top priority is finding a reliable TV mounting service provider. At ComeGo Handyman, we offer professional TV mounting services ensuring that our customers find great comfort in their homes. ComeGo Handyman technicians remain readily available, and we respond to customers request promptly. Therefore, when you are looking for the best Thousand Oaks TV mounting company, come to ComeGo Handyman for professional services. Serving our customers is our number one priority, and we make sure that we are using advanced tools and equipment for TV mounting tasks.

Residential Home Repair Services

ComeGo Handyman offers professional residential home repair services. For your home remodeling and home enhancement requirements, call us immediately. We offer a competitive pricing while our services remain top rated. At ComeGo Handyman, we provide experienced home improvement staff and make sure that our customers are satisfied. Call us today for professional services.



Why ComeGo Handyman

ComeGo Handyman guarantees our customers professional services. We provide our customers experienced technicians for various home improvement, repair and installation services. Call us today on (805)668-4309 for professional handyman services. We guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction.